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What Is The Value Of A Digital Marketing Certification

Up until a few years ago, online marketing involved writing a few blogs, keeping your website updated, and an occasional social media post. But now, it’s well beyond that with most companies conducting their businesses fully online.

With companies growing rapidly, and digital technologies constantly evolving, the demand for a digital marketer’s skill set continues to increase exponentially. As a result, the industry is increasingly competitive, and you’ll need to gain a competitive edge in every way possible.

Whether you’re an experienced digital marketing professional, or a fresher looking for a start in the industry, one way to keep yourself ahead of the game is by getting a digital marketing certification.

A certification shows that you have taken several in-depth classes and passed an exam to show what you’ve learnt. One of the best parts of an online course certification is that you need absolutely no prior knowledge or experience to obtain it – making it highly accessible to anyone who’s looking to learn new skills or improve their existing ones.

Here’s how acquiring a digital marketing certification can help your career:

1. Boost your employability

Becoming a successful digital marketer isn’t something that can be taught with a four-year degree. As a performance-based industry, it’s where experience and proven ability make all the difference. Companies are looking to hire qualified digital marketers, and a certification is one way to prove this.

Although a certification does not replace digital marketing work experience in the real world, it’s one of the best ways to build your knowledge, develop your skills and secure your understanding – especially if you’re just starting in your career.

On that note, it’s a solid way to boost your confidence in entering the industry as a fresher. It’s often daunting to start without any work experience, but with a certification you’ll have the knowledge, overall competence, and credentials in marketing. Just start with the basics of digital marketing, and make your way up to more advanced and focused courses.

By getting certified, you also present yourself as someone keen to learn, adaptable to change, and can immediately put their skills to use. It shows current or potential employers that you have the qualifications needed to deliver results – even without an advanced degree.

2. Keep your skills relevant

By taking a digital marketing course, learning new skills or sharpening your existing ones, you become a valuable asset to a company looking to grow their business online. However, as the technology evolves with time, so must your skillset.

With new online courses focusing on today’s knowledge and skills, you can ensure that you stay updated on the latest trends in the digital marketing landscape, and learn how and when to implement the newest technologies.

At House of Scholars, all of our courses are taught by industry professionals that are currently excelling in their digital marketing careers with proven track records. With the latest tips, tricks, and real-life case studies, all digital marketing courses will equip you with a repertoire of digital marketing skills to succeed in your career.

3. Showcase your niche and expertise

Unlike an expensive four-year degree where you must learn about various subjects that might not even interest you, or may not be useful for your future – digital marketing courses allow you to choose your interest or speciality and excel in it.

Whether you’re keen in social media marketing or email marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO) marketing or any other kind of digital marketing, you can choose a course that teaches you those skills specifically, helps you master the craft, and carve a niche out for yourself in that industry. This can open up the doors to freelancing or contract work in the specific field you’ve chosen – for example, you could become an SEO specialist or an email marketer.

On the other hand, by acquiring several of these skills at the same time, you’re more likely to advance into better positions at any company – for example, you could be promoted to a Content Manager role if you have skills in writing, PPC, SEO or Social Media Marketing. Having comprehensive knowledge about various elements of digital marketing will only help you become a savvier digital marketer.

4. Gain practical knowledge

Because our digital marketing course content is curated and taught by industry professionals and experts, you’re bound to gain the most effective practical knowledge to succeed in this industry. With detailed case studies to show successful marketing solutions, you’ll learn from people who’ve actually gotten ahead of the curve with their digital marketing practices.

With a digital marketing course, you acquire industry specific techniques and knowledge that allows you to immediately apply what you’ve learnt online, into the real world. Think of it as post-secondary education for freshers who may be entering the industry with little work experience.

5. Increase your earning potential

As a digital marketer, your skills are highly sought after and the potential to earn is already high. But adding skill after skill to your abilities and becoming an expert allows you to justify asking for more as well. Employers are typically open to paying higher salaries to marketing professionals with certifications, and more likely to promote you to better-paying positions as you increase your capabilities.

You could also broaden your opportunities by pursuing a completely different area from the one you’re working in every day – showing your potential or current employer that you have expertise beyond your current skills.

A couple of tips on choosing the right certification for your career:

  1. Talk to other digital marketers to find out which skills and certifications they’ve acquired to succeed in their chosen field.
  2. Browse through digital marketing job advertisements to see which skills are required for the role and which certifications can help you fulfil the requirements.
  3. Look for other ways that may complement your certification. While you may learn digital marketing online, you could also take up an internship on the side to apply those skills simultaneously.
  4. Find out who’s teaching the online courses – are they industry professionals with proven track records in their careers? Do they have experience in online education?
  5. Speak to a mentor for a better understanding on job applications and the best practices in the digital marketing industry
  6. Take our free digital marketing course for beginners to understand more about the industry and which path you might want to pursue

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