The Future Scope of Digital Marketing

Marketing and advertisements these days hold tremendous potential and infinitely more merit when done online than offline or via mass media. India is one of the most populated countries and with the internet and technology being accessible to the mass conveniently, digital marketing has not only become a viable career option but also, is expanding as a field. According to a survey conducted by Statista, one of the leading providers of the market and consumer data in the world, it is estimated that by 2025 the number of people using the internet in India will amount to 970 million approximately and that digital marketing is growing at a rate of 40% each year in India. Well, the numbers don’t lie and if the consumer base is so huge, one can only imagine what great scope the future of digital marketing holds.

One of the most advantageous aspects of digital marketing is that professionals from almost any and every background can take a course and land a decent job in a digital marketing team. For instance, if you have a degree in arts, options like content developer and content writer are ideal for you. For people with science and engineering, degrees can easily land a job in website development and interface development. However, all of these professionals must have a keen and meticulous knowledge about digital marketing and must have a course to their name. Just developing content is not enough, there is a lot of thought and data that goes into implementing that content. When curating content some of the few things to keep in mind, among others, are the age group of your target demographic or if your content is unique from other businesses in the competition, whether you have tried a particular strategy before and if you need to improve it, and so on. There is always room for improvement and to find these spaces for improvement you need proper training.

Social media plays the role of a major instrument in upholding digital marketing. Social media handles have truly become a vehicle for product advertisement. Moreover, ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube drive most of the users to their desired websites. There is a lot of scope to experiment and use social media as a weapon. Content writers, social media managers, advertisers- these are all the fields that are required in building a strong and functioning social media marketing team for a company. From creating advertisements, keeping track of the frequency of relevant ads taken live based on search history of the consumers to making regular posts on the profile, putting up stories, on-boarding influencers all of this requires a whole team of professionals.

Also, marketing your product or business on search engines is another very important part of digital marketing. There needs to be a whole team of SEO/SEM experts and analysts who can curate content with the most pertinent keywords and implement them to land a decent ranking on Google. Even this requires writers and engineers to execute. Therefore, if you’re still wondering whether there is much scope or prospect in digital marketing, we hope we have clarified your doubts. It is a booming field that holds the prospect of offering something to offer to every professional and growing exponentially over the years.

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