The importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2021

The importance of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2021
The scope for small-scale businesses and new entrepreneurs has been growing in India for the past few years. Owing to the massive shift in retail to the online platform and the convenience of the process have led people to purchase things or get their services online. There has been a spike in local businesses since setting up websites has become easier and even social media platforms have been used to their full potential for not only promoting their services but also enhancing their brand. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become hubs for small, local businesses and with influencers endorsing the local market with their purchases, these brands are receiving quite an amount of attention from people. The seller and customer interface being so easy, the investment setting up physical retail store cuts down the capital investments by a considerable amount. Any extra fund could be used judiciously in getting a standard digital marketing team set up. If you have even ten customers and make their experience worth their time and money, you would make a loyal customer base who would not only resonate with but also advocate for your brand.  
  • Reviews and Testimonials-A good word about your business will not take much time to spread. Their reviews and testimonials can be used for marketing and bringing in new customers. Tracking your client base’s purchase habits and sending them product or service referrals in keeping with their taste is always a good way of branding and building a loyal customer base. It is much easier to promote offers and advertise new products and launches to individual customers through digital marketing.
  • Stories and Social Media Posts-Social media being a raging vogue has created opportunities for small businesses with limited budgets to always be in the league and generate profits. Keeping your customers engaged with help of relevant stories, posts and story-ads are some of the easiest ways. Collaborating with emerging presences on the platform is also another way to go about it. People usually tend to make purchases based on recommendations of people they look up to. Influencer marketing, therefore, also becomes an integral part of your digital marketing campaign.
  • Tracking customer interest-In case of websites, you always have the option to track the activity and behvaiour of your target demographic. With the availability of tools like Campaign Manager 360, you can optimize all your digital ad campaigns. It gives you insights into the performance of your ad campaigns and helps you retarget ads to your existing customers according to their interests.
Local Indian brands like Phool that made sustainable holi colours with discarded temple flowers made a great impact on its audience during this Holi. They were actively churning out stories and posts to gain more audience interaction. Indian clothing brand Souled Store has grown to be a successful brand by collaborating with influencers on social media. The timing and scope could not be any better for small businesses in 2021, hence, it is imperative to not only take your business online but to market and advertise it properly to garner customers, and consequently, profits.

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