Why is video content important in Digital Marketing campaigns?

Why is video content important in Digital Marketing campaigns?
If you are planning to convert leads or potential buyers into buyers and loyal customers then engaging with them is imperative. In addition to implementing your usual digital marketing strategies like sending follow-up emails about products and offers, providing a platform for feedbacks and testimonials, generating content on social media pages, curating video content has also become a game-changer in digital marketing. It is needless to say that videos engage a person’s attention more; audio-visuals have a far greater impact on a person’s brain which can be used as a masterstroke strategy in the field of digital marketing. The enormous potential of YouTube and its subsequent taking off after the Digital India project is evidence enough of how much consumers respond to video content in general. If you can create a strategically crafted video that forms a connection between your brand and your target audience, there is bound to be not only traffic on your website but, purchases as well. Videos endorsing products, promoting new launches, or even based on how to use a product and its benefits have the potential to hit your pitch home.

Types of video content that can be used for digital marketing

  • Instagram or Facebook Lives- Live videos are a great way to interact with your audience. You can answer their queries and take their feedbacks face-to-face. It is a quick and easy way of coming in contact with your demographic. It is also a great medium to reveal new launches and talk about them elaborately. Huge and elaborate written descriptions often tend to escape the attention of the audience, but an engaging conversation about a product is informative as well as entertaining. Especially after the pandemic, brands and businesses have used Instagram lives and IGTV to upload content and associate more with their customers.
  • Instream or Feed Video ads- If crafted tastefully, video ads can be the most engaging ad assets to put out on multiple platforms like Social Media-Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn or OTT and Google Hub (App Install, Display). One of the most remarkable ad campaigns in 2021 has to be by the credit card company CRED, which had partnered with OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar to launch their advertisement during the streaming of IPL. These video ads were short, crisp, ad films named “CRED: Not Everyone Gets It.” IPL being India’s favourite cricket tournament attracts a wide range of audiences every year and there’s no better way to plug your brand than in a creative manner in front of a hefty audience. You can also track the performance of your digital ad campaigns using tools like Campaign 360. This helps you get better insight into how well your campaign is doing. With AI coming to the fore, Digital Content Optimisation or DCO is gaining currency in the digital marketing industry. It is a display ad technology that retargets ads based on an individual’s browsing patterns, location, demographics, and so on. It can do wonders in terms of curating and generating ads based on customers’ interests.
  • Stories and posts- Setting up a social media page for your brand is a must to make full use of the reach of social media. The next step is to attract consumers and video stories are one of the many ways of doing that. Video stories that need to be promoted on Instagram and Facebook are about 1-120 seconds long. These are meant to be crisp, fun, and informative. The first five seconds of the video story are crucial to draw the attention of the user for them to stay and not skip it. Therefore, a lot of creative energy should be put into curating these videos. Even with posts on social media pages, the entertainment factor should be privileged because people are on the internet not just for information but recreation as well. Engagingly marketing your brand through videos can work wonders. Samsung’s latest ad campaign for the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G stands as a stellar example of coupling creativity with social media. The ad unfolds in a manner of a game sequence that follows an individual in the first person who tries to protect a briefcase. Through this action-packed storytelling, the audience is given the decision-making power on behalf of the protagonist on the run to protect his briefcase. With every decision that the audience makes, in terms of which direction to follow and whom to follow they are led to new Instagram accounts. Throughout the process, the features of the Galaxy Note 10 is revealed, making the ad campaign an immersive experience for the audience.
  • Videos on the Website- Even when there are buyers and potential buyers on your website, rather than reading through paragraphs of information about your page and the kinds of services you offer, creating video content, to sum up your brand’s USP increases the chances of capturing quite an audience. It is a remarkable way of making the traffic on your website long-lasting and developing a firm client base.
These are some of the ways how you can use video content for the benefit of customer engagement. Video content has become indispensable in digital marketing. For setting up a good digital marketing game and being in and above the league with competitors, video content is the way to go!  

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