Fascinating Facts about the Future of Digital Marketing

Fascinating Facts about the Future of Digital Marketing

The Internet has taken marketing products and services to a whole new level, and it is a field that is progressing and evolving rapidly with every passing moment. Digital marketing is a juncture for businesses and consumers that moulds itself according to the needs of both parties concerned. We bring to you some of the most fascinating facts about digital marketing and the immense potential it holds in the future.

  • 82 % of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021- According to a recent study hosted by Cisco, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. Videos engage your audience more than any other form of text or image-based advertisement. 83% of businesses have confirmed that videos have shown greater ROI than any other form of marketing strategy. Videos build trust in your products and services, thereby creating a strong foundation of conversions and sales. Mark Schaefer, the executive director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions, hits the nail on the head with this one, “The new era demands a focus on ignition, and not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your audience.” Videos cater to all the above criteria that the new era demands, they engage and ignite our emotions. Videos that categorically break down the benefits of your service or product help build consumer’s trust in your brand. In addition, the elite people in the audience, YouTubers, and other social media figures mostly use creative video content to plug in sponsors and promote your product to a wider audience. Embedding video content on your website also helps with SEO. Your website is 53% more likely to land a place on the first page of Google search results if it contains videos. No wonder video content is soaring above every other kind of content when it comes to digital marketing. Even Instagram has geared towards focusing more on videos and shoppable content according to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram.
  • Almost every online interaction will begin with search engines-The reason search engine optimization or SEO remains one of the most dominant strategies in digital marketing is due to the large-scale interaction of consumers with search engines. Marketing products or services on social media might be able to spark the curiosity of the potential consumer. However, it is most likely for leads to run background research and compare similar services and products on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing before making a purchase. The capability of search engines to whip up the most relevant search results upon inputting mere keywords is what renders them the popularity which is here to stay. According to research conducted by Search Engine Journal, around 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. The numbers itself are reason enough for businesses to up their SEO game. If your website does not land on the first page of search results, your target audience will very most likely never find you. Take your services to your audience with SEO.
  • Social Media is the future of digital marketing –Social media has already taken digital marketing by storm. Social media marketing has become an integral part of digital marketing as platforms are creating more and more space with each passing day to connect businesses with customers. It is possible for businesses to gain wide reach organically via social media in a cost-effective manner. Apart from that there are options for paid story ads or post ads on Facebook and Instagram, and video ads on LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram have created a whole marketplace enabling businesses to put out shoppable content with the price, product descriptions, and links to the products. It takes your services to your target audience and helps you gain traffic. Influencer marketing is also a raging vogue in social media. Public figures with massive reach can promote your products, and deliver a good word for you to your audience. Moreover, it has also become a one-stop destination for selling, purchasing, and getting testimonials, making social media a holistic platform for businesses. It is no surprise that the future of digital marketing lay in social media. The all-pervasive nature of social media plays out as an advantage for marketers. Michael Brenner, the CEO of Marketing Insider Group had rightly predicted in a 2018 article that social media will give the marketer a deeper understanding of each customer as an individual, and the opportunity to offer highly target offers and services.
  • A high percentage of consumers don’t encourage pop-up ads- Pop-up ads have very rarely cut the deal for any business in online marketing. It has been unpopular with the consumer for quite some time, and no matter how much brands try to rebrand them, a pop-up ad still disrupts the flow of surfing the internet. On-site pop-ups that ask the user to sign up for newsletters or emails still work to some extent. However, they have never gained much popularity in the realm of online marketing, so much so that inventor Ethan Zuckermann has apologized for creating them in his The Atlantic article ‘The Internet’s Original Sin’.
  • Facebook will remain popular for B2C and B2B marketing- Facebook has almost 2.85 billion users monthly, approximately 59.08% of internet users over the world access Facebook monthly. Facebook is a massive networking site that attracts businesses and consumers alike. Facebook has tools that are beneficial for both parties. For instance, Facebook ads are ideal for generating ads to consumers according to their search interests and behaviour pattern online. On the other hand, there is Facebook analytics that gives any business insights into the metrics of impressions and engagement their target has with their ads. Facebook provides a forum for interaction between customers and brands, and brands with other brands. A Facebook business page allows businesses to put themselves out on social media and perceive their online presence. Facebook also allows companies to access feedbacks directly and respond to their customers. There is no reason why this platform should become scarce anytime soon in the digital marketing scenario.
  • Digital marketing requires prudent budgeting- If you have set your objectives regarding the growth of your business in the near future, then having a calculated budget dedicated to digital marketing is a must. It is crucial to hire a digital marketing team even though a decent reach is possible organically. To stay ahead of your competitors, you will need a team of professionals who can run ad campaigns, repurpose content, target and retarget ads to potential customers to make the most return on investment. Businesses should consider their long-term and short-term objectives before allocating a budget. This helps to put your budget into perspective and support your goals better through online marketing.

These are some of the facts that we find fascinating about digital marketing in the future. We chose to share this with you so that you can grab the opportunity and make the most of what the internet has to offer. Smart marketing can sky-rocket your business to new realms.

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