Tips to Gear Up for Digital Marketing Career after Online Course

Hey there, you digital marketing enthusiast! Picture this- You’re sitting on your desk at home and you’ve just finished the last assignment of your Digital Marketing Certification Course. You receive your digital marketing certificate and you happily stare at it. But when the feeling wears off, you’re left with the question- “How do I prepare for my digital marketing career?”

Well, the success ladder of a Digital Marketing Career includes three broad steps- “Principles-Practice- Progress”

  • Principles

You’ve already climbed Step 1 i.e. ‘Principles’ by successfully completing one of the top online courses for Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Certificate Courses Online broadly cover the fundamental theories and principles on which the Digital Marketing industry functions, and equip you with the basics of essential Digital Marketing tools and functionalities.

  • Practice- Progress

To climb the next steps to success in Digital Marketing, I’ve curated the best tips from the best in the industry! Take a look:

#Pro tip 1: Build a Keyword enriched, personalized Resume/Portfolio

– Create an immaculate resume optimised specially for a digital marketing job position.
– Think like a Digital Marketing professional- market your skills like you’d design a digital marketing campaign.
– Add relevant keywords like “Digital Marketing strategies”, “keyword research”, “social media marketing” and popular tools and skill sets that you’ve learnt in the course like “Google Keywords, Google AdWords”, “Leads Nurturing”, “PPC”, and several others.
– Create a relevant ‘Elevator pitch’- your synopsis, where the employer can see exactly who you are, what you’ve done and are capable of doing.
– Update your online resume profiles like LinkedIn,, Indeed, and several others to be found easily by employers.
– Take help of free resources like Canva and Ms Word to build attractive resumes, or take a step ahead to build online portfolios using, WordPress, etc.

#Pro tip 2: Make yourself Popular!

– All the top online courses for Digital Marketing will teach you the importance of creating a powerful online presence for brands or services. Utilize this strategy for your own skills and services too.
– Be heard, be seen, be popular! Join relevant online forums like Quora and Reddit to provide free insights on Digital Marketing queries and issues. You can also join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn digital marketing groups to join digital marketing discussions.
– Create your own blog. Blogging works very efficiently for you to enter the digital marketing industry in style! Blog about the topics you like. Link your blog to the online forums in order to redirect readers to your blog. WordPress blogging would be a great option.
– Craft your online presence using social media platforms. Be active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You could also become an influencer, helping fellow digital marketing enthusiasts to join the tribe!
– Practice, Practice, Practice! Create and run your own website, manage traffic real-time, practice all the theories you’ve learnt in your Digital Marketing Certification Course, and add these metrics on all your profiles and resume! Gaining practical experience will strengthen your theoretical knowledge and equip you for any job position.

#Pro tip 3: Go Internship hunting!

– In order to kickstart your career in Digital Marketing, You can choose between freelancing, taking up a job, or even starting your own Agency.
– But in order to gain valuable practical experience, the best place to begin would be an Internship, preferably at a start– up company.
– You can opt for a part-time or full-time internships on LinkedIn, Indeed, internshala, or, to establish your presence in the industry, simultaneously creating profiles on freelancing sites like fiverr,, and various others, to build contacts.
– After gaining theoretical knowledge from Digital Marketing Courses Online, and having worked as a Digital Marketing intern at a good firm, employers and clients would find it easier to trust your skills and abilities as a digital marketeer.

#Pro Tip 4: Find a Mentor!

– You don’t necessarily need to look for your Fairy Godmother in the industry. Look for a mentor, or multiple mentors who would guide you while you gear up for your arrival in the digital marketing industry.
– They could be your course trainers, contacts you build in internships/jobs, or even online digital marketing influencers like Neil Patel, Pradeep Chopra from Digital Vidya, Ryan Deiss, Ann Handley and other experts.
– Get acquainted with Digital Marketing jargons, mantras and proven strategies by following the footsteps of your mentor(s), discovering your own style of working as you proceed.

#Pro tip 5:Find your Calling

– As you already know, doing a Digital Marketing certification course will help you understand the pathway to being a digital marketeer. Whereas, getting an internship or practically working in the industry will help you walk on that pathway. However, you have to discover your own journey and roadmap.
– Find your calling. Be bold and experimental in the initial years of your career! Take up various roles, practice your skills, and work diligently to see what you’re best at!
– You can also take up specialised courses in fields like SEO, Content Writing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, etc, in order to update your skill sets.
– Digital Marketing is a funfair of career paths! Choose your ride as you explore the field and get on it!

What are you waiting for? Kickstart your career using these tips, right away

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