Career Growth With A Digital Marketing Certification

Saturation and stagnancy is very common in the career graph of a professional, unless you decide on a Career which is constantly progressing. A career that challenges you to be the best everyday. One such career path is that of (yes you guessed it right!)- Digital Marketing.

A Digital Marketing course is one of the best online marketing courses for absolutely ANYONE, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender, location, physical appearance, and most importantly- PROFESSION/ EDUCATION!

What does this mean?

You could be a confused high school/junior college student, an amateur graduate looking to kickstart a career, an established professional with an “I’m SO DONE living like a Zombie!” feeling, an entrepreneur, a homemaker, educator, oh, the list is endless. It’s an unbiased industry.

Additionally, the word “Growth” is almost synonymous to Digital Marketing, due to the increasing use of the internet and expansion of the online world. This is why the best online digital marketing certification can help you optimize your current career, or even kickstart a new one- remotely and flexibly.

However, why does a Digital Marketing Certification ensure a steady career growth?

While you might have come across the term “upskill” for professionals which means developing certain add-on skills, Digital Marketing certification also enables you to “cross-skill”. It is the mingling of skills from one industry, with another. One way or the other, you’re looking at approx 60% better job profiles, 30% higher salaries, and 100% professional growth.

Let’s see who can Upskill or Cross-skill with Digital Marketing Skills, for their careers to grow exponentially:


There are certain industries which are like Milk and Coffee with Digital Marketing- a beautiful blend!

  • Entrepreneurs, Small/Large Businesses:

When you search for the best marketing courses in India, you’ll surely see ‘Digital Marketing Courses for Entrepreneurs’ somewhere in the search results. That is because in a tech-savvy world where market competition has moved to digital screens, all entrepreneurs and business owners ought to keep themselves updated with the latest digital marketing trends.

Knowing the fundamentals and terminologies of Digital Marketing can benefit entrepreneurs to execute their business ideas digitally, irrespective of the field. For small business owners, it can help to build brand awareness. Lastly, for large business owners, it could help boost their ROI and reach out to remote masses.

  • Designers

There are designers in various industries, but certain designers can hit the jackpot with a digital marketing certification online.

Graphic Designers and Product Designers can cross-skill their profile with content writing and marketing. That would optimize your profile and you’ll be paid two times more. Employers would prefer hiring a single multi-tasker profile who can, for example, design engaging social media posts, and also write the compelling captions for it!

UX/UI designers are the key to successful digital marketing. If you’re equipped enough to design mind-blowing user experiences, along with skills like mobile marketing, your cross-skills will take your career to new heights.

  • Software Engineers

Oh hello there- Engineers! With a knack to build effective strategies, analyzing minutely, and being tech geeks, engineers make magical digital marketers, if trained well. Software engineers can cross-skill with various other skill sets like Web development, Digital Analytics, SEO, and Paid Media.

The job market for engineering hasn’t been the most lucrative over a period of years. So having a digital marketing certification, alongside your engineering degree broadens your horizons and opens doors to less stressful, well-paid,progressive and reliable jobs.

  • HR Professionals

For eons, the HR industry has sourced talent through various channels. But the HR scene is a bit different today. Cross-skilling your HR profile with Digital Marketing would amplify your sources. Skills like E-mail marketing and Social media marketing make it easier for you to determine Target audiences, spot possible employees and convey the desired message in multiple ways.


After having talked about established professionals, it’s time to talk about determined amateurs and profiles with different backgrounds who want to kick start their career!

  • Freshers/ Graduates/ High School students

Can a school student be hired as a digital marketer, without a proper degree? Hell yeah! It is one of the very few fields where obtaining the best online digital marketing certification online is sufficient for you to work as a digital marketer. The maximum number of paid/unpaid internships fall under the digital marketing category, where school students are quite popular- especially for their active social media interests and sincere attitude to learn.

Although there is no written rule, Freshers and Graduates from technical fields like BBA, MBA, BCA, B.Com, etc, can develop niche skill sets like Paid media, Data Analytics, CRO, CRM, and other analytical roles, to make them more employable. Whereas, skills like blogging, copywriting, content writing, content marketing, social media marketing would upskill profiles from creative fields like BMM, BA, or even amateur creative writers for that matter. For example, Social Media Marketers are one of the most hired profiles today,and best part- freshers are MORE than welcome! You’ll then have a long, yet reliable journey to fulfill, by cross-skilling later or even specializing in a niche digital marketing field.

  • Educators/ Experts/ Retired professionals

Digital Marketing is one of the best marketing courses for educators, experts and retired professionals because it provides them various platforms, and channels for career development. They can convey their experiences and knowledge in the most sellable way possible. This in turn boosts their career growth exponentially, also equipping them to reach their target audience easily.

Educators and experts are all over YouTube, Instagram reels, and Facebook today, some calling themselves Influencers, some being content creators.

Skills like Influencer Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, and knowledge of various Digital tools like Google Ads work very well for not just young experts, but also experienced and highly skilled retired professionals.

Digital Marketing is like a fast-forward button for your success ladder. All you need to do is obtain the best online digital marketing certification and be passionate about it.

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