It’s no secret that opting for a Digital Marketing Course online with Certificate has innumerable benefits over taking up a course without a certification. One of the advantages of having a certificate of an advanced Digital Marketing course is that it increases your value in the eyes of the employer, in turn making you eligible for a good salary package based on your expertise, experience and knowledge.

However, no matter how fulfilling these courses are, financial growth is one of the most essential aspects that you consider before choosing your field of career. Hence, in order to make it easy for you to choose digital marketing, we’ve put together average salaries of various digital marketing job positions in Digital Media based on their designation, salary range per annum, Experience or EXP-O-METER and ideal qualifications required!

  1. Designation: Digital Marketing Intern

After choosing the best online platform to learn Digital Marketing, you can apply for internships. Internships are the best source to improve your practical knowledge and a great chance to showcase what you’ve freshly learnt from your course.

Avg. Salary- Rs.8,000- Rs.12,000/- per month

Exp-o-meter- Nil

Required Skills:

  • Certification/ Degree in Digital Marketing
  • Graduation/Post graduation is appreciated in relevant fields like BMM,
    BBA and MBA.
  • Liking towards social media, and basic understanding of social media platforms.
  • Fundamental knowledge of SEO, content management and paid media.


  1. Designation: Digital Marketing Trainee/ Fresher

The next step after completing your online digital marketing course, getting your certificate is to leverage your internship experience and look for an entry-level job position as a digital marketing trainee. If you’re a Marketingor MBA graduate, you are likely to earn slightly more as compared to a non-marketing professional.

Avg. Salary- Rs. 2,00,000- Rs. 3,50,000 p.a.

Exp-o-meter- 6-24 months (internship experience)

Required Skills-

  • Fundamental hands-on experience in proposing digital marketing strategies, monitoring social media pages, etc.
  • Fundamental digital marketing skill-set- Basic SEO, social media marketing, basic designing skills, content creation


  1. Designation: Digital Marketing Specialist  

With relevant experience and acquired knowledge from your first job position, you can step on to become a digital marketing specialist. You can also choose to specialise in other niche areas like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, and many others.

Avg. Salary- Rs. 4,00,000 – 6,00,000 p.a.

Exp-o-meter- 2-3 years

Required skills-

  • Ability to deliver, design, and create expert digital marketing campaigns to facilitate the overall growth of the company.
  • Expertise in implementing strategies and using digital marketing tools.
  • A good knowledge of graphics, web advertising, social media, and web development is appreciated.


  1. Designation: Sr. Planner/ Sr. Executive

After doing an advanced digital marketing course and gaining sufficient experience, you can take up the job of a Senior Digital Marketing Executive or Planner.

Avg. Salary- Rs.5,50,000- Rs.7,00,000 p.a.

Exp-o-meter- 3-5 years

Required Skills-

  • Clear understanding of the pros and cons of different ad platforms and the ability to apply this while planning and creating marketing plans
  • Experience in using different tools and dashboards to monitor, report, analyse and provide recommendations to improve marketing performance Expertise in digital marketing strategies, paid search advertising, organic search ranking and Marketing Automation is appreciated.


  1. Designation: Associate Lead/ Team Lead

Avg. Salary- Rs.6,00,000- Rs.9,00,000 p.a.

Exp-o-meter- 5-6 years

Required Skills-

  • Certification/ Degree in Digital Marketing
  • Proven experience and understanding of social media platforms, SEO, Content writing, keyword research, campaign creation, paid campaigns (PPC, FB Ads, LinkedIn, YouTube Ads) etc.
  • Ensuring smooth functioning and management of policies and procedures, while being responsible for Time and Resource Management for the team.


  1. Designation: Sr. Digital Marketing Manager

Avg. Salary- Rs.8,50,000 – Rs.11,00,000 p.a.

Exp-o-meter- 6-8 years

Required Skills-

  • Certification/ Degree in Digital Marketing
  • Detailed experience in the implementation of marketing technology, data and analytics strategies.
  • Profound knowledge and proven experience in media planning and buying, acquisition strategies and lead generation.
  • Proficiency in leading teams and working with stakeholders.
  • Design and execute end-to-end digital marketing strategies in line with the company needs and goals.


  1. Designation: Head of Marketing/ Group Heads

Avg. Salary- Rs.10,00,000- Rs.13,00,000+ p.a.

Exp-o-meter- 8-12 years

Required Skills-

  • Certification/ Degree in Digital Marketing
  • In-depth knowledge of several digital marketing channels, marketing tools and practices.
  • Hands-on experience with SEO, Google Analytics and CRM
  • Overall management, planning and implementation of Digital marketing strategies
  • Creative skills to help the team brainstorm and generate ideas for campaigns and pitches.
  • Budget planning, target setting, and implementing growth hacks to drive profitable sales through organic traffic and Paid Media.

Apart from these media roles, you can choose various career paths in digital marketing like content development, sales, account management, operations and several other paths with creative agencies or publishers based on your affinities and various perks offered.

If these salaries, exp-o-meter and job positions are appealing to you, get started with your Digital marketing career right away by opting for your digital marketing course online with certificate.

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