Here’s why the demand for diversity is driving digital marketing success

Here’s why the demand for diversity is driving digital marketing success

Educational and professional spaces are opening up to a more diverse group of people to create room for inclusivity and fair opportunities. Creating inclusive spaces entails providing opportunities and representation to underrepresented communities such as people of various ethnicities and color, people with disabilities, and people who do not fit into gender binaries. There is so much talent that remains obscured, and so many people’s rights are denied if industries are exclusive. Diversity in digital marketing can be achieved by the representation of people from diverse communities, normalising established-based practises of said communities, and outrightly disposing of generalising or stereotyping.

Does diversity in digital marketing matter?

Time is changing, and harbouring age-old prejudices against certain communities has to be done away with. Along with creating inclusive workspaces and job profiles in the digital marketing industry, your brand values and principles must also be translated into the kind of content that you churn out to the audience. Creating ads and ad campaigns that are meaningful and promote inclusivity is one way of going about it. It also means you have to feature people of color, people with disabilities, and people across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. If you want to sell your products and services to people across gender, caste, creed, and color, then you have to appeal to them and cater to their needs as well. For instance, Indian cosmetic brand Purpelle has teamed up with Trinertra Halder Gummaraju, a transwoman doctor, and an LBTQIA+ activist to promote their makeup line. Brands like Levi’s promote clothing that fits every body type and shape. The campaign also represented people across ethnicities and different builds, sporting their denim pants and other clothing items. Their “Live in Levi’s” campaign highlighted the connectedness in diversity and the uniqueness of the different kinds of people.

How to make digital marketing more diverse?

Remember that change begins at the grass-root level. Representation of diverse communities is not only essential in your marketing practises but also in the workplace and within your team. Diverse perspectives will add value to the team’s day-to-day operations while also providing critical input on how to approach minority communities appropriately. Implementing diversity-centred hiring practises would be the first way to go.
Secondly, if you want your content to be more diversity-driven, then robust market research is a must. In-depth research about minority groups helps you understand their problems and needs better. You could use it to make your products and services more accessible to everyone. Consult people from the community to get access to authentic sources of research that will provide you with original and accurate representation. Use social media to reach people and let them give you input on how they feel they could be better represented and how you can tailor your services according to their needs.

Avoiding Mistakes in Digital Marketing Diversification

There’s a lot that could go wrong if you make mistakes while marketing diversity. If your brand has served the mainstream for too long, it is easy to look at minority groups with a superior gaze. Representing power dynamics, victimizing, and stereotyping is a big no-no. Moreover, if you go too far out of your way to penetrate social issues that do not concern your brand, it becomes a transparent marketing move. You will be facing flack for trying to profit off of social complications that are out of your brand’s depth, and this could lead to severe backlash from communities concerned. Lastly, to represent a certain group, do not let down or criticise another. It’s a fine line to tread, and one wrong move could hurt caste and religious sentiments, sentiments of disabled people, people of color, or people across the gender spectrum. You cannot generate misinformed content, and that is why these areas need to be handled meticulously and correctly.

Bringing the culture of diversity into the marketing field is a challenging one. Since one idea is presented in front of a massive audience, every aspect of your content and ads needs to be carefully crafted. Even if any of your content faces criticism, rather than getting defensive, you could listen, apologize, and correct the mistakes. The audience can always sense growth and inclusivity. Creating diversity in digital marketing might seem challenging, but at the same time, it is extremely rewarding to create a more inclusive and sensitive industry.

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